Block 338: on Bahrain’s fine dining district

There have been many valid reasons why the Kingdom of Bahrain was picked in 2017 as the best destination to live and work in for expats, according to Expat Insider 2017 survey. To mention only a few, the Kingdom of Bahrain is not only an international center of financial services and trades, but it also has grown over the years into becoming a top leisure tourism destination. This is amply represented in the area known as Block 338.

As the most famous part of Adliya district, Block 338 is a pedestrian-only area; it is also nicknamed the fine dining district of the Kingdom of Bahrain – bare in mind the other touristic sites the island kingdom encompasses. As the nickname suggests, Block 338 is stacked with restaurants, cafes and food and beverage outlets that range from fast food restaurants that are known for their delicious meals to fine-dining restaurants that serve cuisines from all over the world including the Brazilian, Japanese, Italian, and Mexican cuisines.

However, this is not the only reason Block 338, and Adliya district in general, has gained significant fame over the recent years. In addition to the several restaurants it houses, Block 338 is also a hub of culture and arts in the Bahraini kingdom. The area is home to Al Riwaq Gallery, which is considered a major platform that helps giving the aspiring artists a space to promote their works and themselves.

It is worth mentioning that, on the other end of Adliya district, Al Bareh Art Gallery is situated. Along with Al Riwaq, Al Bareh is considered a strong focal point for both the culture and arts in the Kingdom of Bahrain; it hosts several and diverse exhibitions for local and regional artists over the year and thus helps in boosting the art life in Bahrain.

For further enjoyment of the pleasures in Block 338 getaways, it’s better to rent an apartment in Adliya district, the main district incubating Block 338. Adliya is a the throbbing heart of Manama, it lies exactly in the center of the city and bustles with action thanks to its various restaurants, food stalls, galleries, shops, and cafes. The area is penetrated with Manama’s most famous streets like Kuwait and Prince Khalifa.

No worries if you are living in Gudabiyah, Juffair, Hoora, or Salmaniyah, you will still find Adliyah accessible and near your home. It’s only a couple of minutes away from any location around downtown Manama.

There are a couple of online property listing websites available featuring lots and lots of apartments in Adliyah, these platforms can be really useful if you are actively searching for renting an apartment, or any other sort of property, there.

Also, they display a wide range of apartments for sale. As a matter of fact, Adliyah is a convenient choice for real estate investors. It’s central, active, and has high demand.

So, walking the narrow alleyways of Block 338 by the restaurants and cafes will really make you fall in love with the whole place. Check it out, it is definitely a must go place if you are visiting Bahrain.