Get Familiar with Mud-jacking Technique and Its Benefits

Property owners always ask contractor, ‘Why did the concrete slab sink?’ It may be due to poor soil base compaction, soil erosion, poor drainage, or animals burrowing. When it gets unsettled, regardless of the reason, you need to call specialized concrete slab repair crew.

There is no need to replace the total concrete slab due to some cracks. Concrete slabs have been repaired for decades using the mudjacking or slabjacking technique.

What is slab-jacking method?

Basically, slurry of non-shrink grout and water is used to elevate the settled concrete slab. Series of holes are drilled into the unstable slab. A mudjacker is used to pump slurry through the holes. The slurry fills the voids, elevates, and stabilizes the concrete slab. The concrete slab is raised to its proper level. Thus, the possibilities of tripping, falling and getting inured gets eliminated. In addition, proper water runoff gets established.

Benefits of mud-jacking technique

Saves money

Cost of slab-jacking is significantly less than slab replacement cost. Its material cost is even less than polyurethane foam material, which is similar slab repair technique.

Real issue gets fixed

Slab replacement will not address soil voids beneath damaged concrete. Empty air pockets remain, therefore slab can possibly re-settle in due course. During slab-jacking soil voids get filled, so concrete becomes more secure and stable. The repairs last longer.

Quick repair

Slab replacement is lengthy process but mud-jacking is not. The average time of majority of slab-jacking process is 1 to 2 hours, but longer ones can take some hours more.

Clean repair

Demolishing concrete slab and pouring in new is a messy task. It can even disrupt the nearby landscape. Slab-jacking is clean repair method. The equipment and truck will not damage landscape. Spilled slurry can be wiped away with damp rag.

Concrete color gets maintained

Matching the texture and color of old concrete is nearly impossible. You don’t wish one section of concrete to protrude like sore thumb. Fortunately, slab-jacking helps because the original slab is kept untouched along with the invisible repair work that takes place underneath.

No waiting

In slab replacement, the task gets completed in 1 or 2 weeks. After completion the surface needs to be cured. This can take another two weeks. With slab-jacking process, the repaired slab is ready for low-pressure use instantly as soon as repair gets completed. Overnight, the repaired concrete area is prepared to handle heavy weight usage.

Eco-friendly repair

Slab-jacking is a perfect go green repair technique. The slurry uses natural material, the process generates no waste and there is very little energy used.